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The Wonderful World of Dogs

Just for fun, check out this infographic with interesting info about dogs.

What I love about dogs is that they are always 100% themselves. If they feel happy, then they are. If they feel scared, then they are and so on. They live in the moment. Plus, they are so talented…willing to entertain us with tricks or help people by working some serious jobs like helping those who are visually-impaired navigate life, just to name one job (of many)…it’s really amazing!

What’s not to like about them? Of course, I’m biased because I love dogs so much. I’m sure my friends with allergies or bad experiences with dogs would disagree! BUT, regardless of how you feel about dogs, they are fascinating creatures and I can prove it! For example, did you know that dog nose prints are unique, like human fingerprints? Or that by simply petting a dog, your blood pressure goes down? Check out the infographic below to learn more fun facts about dogs.

What’s your favorite dog fact?

Infographic with fun facts about dogs

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking a look at this infographic I created. Be on the lookout for more fun infographics like this, and more content, coming soon!

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