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Celebrate National Cooking Day!

Easy recipes and tips coming this week.

I am so passionate about healthy eating. Eating well has had a tremendous effect on my health, both physically and mentally and if there is one message I would want to share with the world, it would be: You can cook!

So, this year, in honor of National Cooking Day, I’ll be sharing some tips and recipes with you. My hope is that you walk away with some new recipes to try and know how empowered you are to change the way you eat.

​Trust me, I know you can do it, because I can do it and literally, I’m the worst! Sugar is my biggest addiction in life and I’ve accepted that it always will be. But I’ve realized over the years that when I stay away from sugar, along with other ingredients common in processed/convenience foods, I feel so much better. My energy is up, I have brighter moods, good digestion and so much more.

Stay tuned! I’ll post additional content all week leading up to the big day, National Cooking Day, September 25. In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “Let’s get cookin’!”

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