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Great Design: Flamingo

Wherever I go, I’m noticing design...even in my bathroom, where I was recently appreciating the icon design on my Flamingo razor.

I recently looked, like REALLY looked, at the razor in my bathroom. Flamingo brand. What struck me was the simple line art of a flamingo on the razor handle. The art is so simple, but the curvature is precise in each part to communicate a flamingo (at least to me). Had the line anchor points or the angle of each curve been off even just a bit, I wonder how clear the shape of the flamingo would have been communicated. As it stands now, I think it’s perfect as a simple and clean representation of a flamingo.

As far as I can tell, the Flamingo brand mostly uses their typographic logo on their packaging and website. I love the font choice,... is it only me, or are you seeing flamingo legs in the the font too? I have seen the flamingo line art icon used on the razor handle, as the favicon on their website and in the footer of their website.

Flamingo typographic logo on packaging and close up of Flamingo icon on razor handle.
Flamingo typographic logo on packaging and close up of Flamingo icon on the razor handle. Photos taken by Amy Roberson.

Since I don’t have access to their brand standards, I don’t know Flamingo's exact rules for usage. What I can say for sure is this is an awesome design that I really appreciate. Kudos to Flamingo for creating such a great icon for their brand!

Do you notice great design in your day-to-day life that you really appreciate? Packaging on your favorite snack? A poster at the gym?

Please note: I have no affiliation with the Flamingo brand. I just really appreciate their logo/icon design!

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