We are set-up to operate in few different ways to best meet the needs of our clients.

On-Demand Product Design and Development Support

The collaboration with us in this case starts with a project review meeting. This then leads to generation of project scope and project planning which includes time-line for completion and a total estimate of hours for completion or total project cost.

Upon project approval by client, a designated design consultant manages all aspects of the project including conducting design review meetings on-site/off-site, project status updates; provide project deliverables and any other services requested by the client.

For each project, we select a team with the right experience, knowledge, and skill set to complete the project on time and deliver cost-effective results. This set-up works best for new product development projects as thee total scope of the work cannot be accurately estimated up-front.

Project Bases

If the scope of the project and deliverables are well defined we are able to provide accurate quotes for completion of all the tasks of the project. This set-up helps clients keep their design and development cost with-in a pre-defined budget. Improvements to existing products, simple design projects can be easily managed with this set-up.

On-Site Support

If you need to augments your in-house staff during peak times with on-site mechanical engineer, we can provide full-time or part-time on-site mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineer with specialized expertise can work closely with your product development and engineering department under your supervision.

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